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The price history module for stores based on the PrestaShop platform has been created to meet the requirements of the Omnibus directive in force in the European Union. The main premise of the Omnibus Directive is that consumers must be presented with the lowest price of a product as it was in the last 30 days before the promotion was introduced. Below you will find a description of the installation and configuration of the most important functions of the module.


Description of the Omnibus Directive Module Functionality

Once installed, the Omnibus Directive module will record information on each product price change. In addition, our module supports products with combinations and support for multiple currencies. If you have more than one currency configured, then our module will save product prices for each currency available in your store. Based on this, the module provides the consumer with information about the lowest available price for the product.

Information about the lowest available price for the product

The module has been tested in the following versions of PrestaShop:
– 8.0.5
– 8.1.2

Installation of the Omnibus Directive Module

  1. Back up your store and database.
  2. Download the latest version of our module from GitHub (file
  3. Log into your PrestaShop management panel and go to the tab: Modules > Module Manager.
  4. Select “Upload a module“.
  5. Upload the file to the server.
PrestaShop - Module manager

Configuration of the Omnibus Directive Module

After installing the module, perform a price update:

  1. Go to the following tab: Omnibus Directive
  2. Enable the “Update prices” function
  3. Save the configuration
Omnibus - update_prices

Description of the Other Features of the Module

  • Delete outdated data – deletes data that is older than 30 days
  • Update prices – saves the current prices of all products. Prices will be saved for each available currency and combination in the store.
  • Version – the version of the displayed message
    • Lowest price in 30 days
    • Lowest price in 30 days before discount
  • Display on product page – displays the message on the product page in the ProductPriceBlock hookup. You can place the message elsewhere using the following hook: displayOmnibusEuFree The consumer message is displayed when the product has a promotion configured.

Own Hook

By default, the following message is displayed in a hook: ProductPriceBlock, but you can put the message elsewhere. Just use the following code in the template (.tpl) file:

{hook h='displayOmnibusEuFree' product=$product}


The Omnibus Directive module records price history for all currencies available in the store. After updating the exchange rate of any currency, use the “Update Prices” function. The “Update Prices” function is available in the configuration of the Omnibus Directive module.


You can change the translation of the Omnibus Directive module in the following tab: International > Translations section Modify Translations.

Type of translation: Translation of installed modules
Select your module: Omnibus Directive
Select your language: any

Omnibus module - translations

Price History

Whenever you change the price of a product, the price of a combination, or add a promotion, use the “Save and Publish” button. Only then the price change will be saved in the price history module!

Omnibus - history price


The module supports:
– Price History
– Currencies
– Combinations
– Promotions for Any Combination

The module does not support promotions assigned:
– to individual clients or groups of clients
– in only in one country
– for one currency only (if you have more than one currency configured)

Example configuration of “Apply to” conditions:

Omnibus - Specific price


Omnibus for PrestaShop
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