PrestaShop migration

Migration of an online store is its transfer from one e-commerce software to another. We will transfer your client database, products, orders and images from any platform to the PrestaShop platform. We will preserve the link structure or set up a redirect so that the migration will not cause a loss of search engine rankings.

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PrestaShop migration

What does the migration include ?

We will transfer the database We will transfer the database of your clients, products, orders and photos.
We will move your store without SEO loss We will preserve the link structure or set up a redirect so that the migration will not result in loss of search engine rankings.
We will implement a PrestaShop store We will design a new look for the online store or keep the current one. After reviewing the current template, we will determine the possibilities of leaving the current appearance of the store.
We will implement additional functionalities If there are functionalities that you currently use that are not standard in PrestaShop, then we will try to implement these functionalities into your store.
We will check your server configuration We will configure and optimize your hosting or server (VPS/dedicated) to support PrestaShop.
Migration without losing clients We will make all the changes in such a way that the interruption in the functioning of the store will be as short as possible. We perform the migration in a test environment and only after the migration is completed will we switch the store to the PrestaShop platform. The downtime for your store will last a maximum of several dozen minutes.

What does the migration process look like?



We start our work by determining the scope of the data to be moved, learn about your business needs, and then develop a migration plan.


Quotation and contract

We will prepare a quote based on the data provided. After accepting the offer, we will sign a contract and take care of transferring your online store to the PrestaShop platform.


Performing the import

We will perform the import of your commissioned data from your current online store to your new store on the Prestashop platform.


Data verification

We will perform detailed tests and verify the correctness of the data. We will also ask you to check the imported data.


Store implementation

We will create a new store for you on the PrestaShop platform. Information about our offer is available in the PrestaShop Implementation section.


Launching your sales

We will launch your new store. In addition, we will provide a manual with a description of the basic functions of the PrestaShop system to make it easier for you and your employees.

Why PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is one of the most popular platforms for online stores. Worldwide, more than 300,000 e-commerce sites use PrestaShop. It is a versatile open source software that allows you to create a commercial site offering any assortment of products. Below we've outlined some of the advantages for which you should choose PrestaShop as your own e-commerce platform.

Source code access.

PrestaShop is an open source software. Unlike SAAS solutions, you can use it without paying licensing fees. With access to the source code, you are free to customize and modify the store as your business grows and needs change.

Performance and scalability

PrestaShop is optimized for performance, resulting in fast page loads and a positive shopping experience for clients. In addition, the software is scalable, which means the store can grow with your business.

Numerous integrations

The great popularity of PrestaShop makes it easy for you to integrate your store with various tools such as accounting systems, email marketing tools and other platforms. This allows you to expand your business capabilities.

Support for multiple currencies and languages

The platform allows support for different currencies and translation of the store into different languages, which is extremely important in the context of global e-commerce. Clients can browse the site in their native language and pay in any currency.

Security and updates

PrestaShop developers regularly update the software to improve security and performance. Support for the latest security standards helps protect the store and client data.


PrestaShop offers search engine optimization (SEO) tools and options to help stores achieve better rankings in search results.

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